Proofivy IP lock

Internet era IP protection based on advanced cryptograhpy

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Irrefutable and timestamped proof of IP

Decentral storage of IP fingerprints on blockchains ensures full reliability regardless of users, companies, or software. IP is protected by math and a worldwide network of computers, providing 100% certainty and protection.


Zero data leakage or sharing

Cryptographic fingerprints of files and data do not contain any data themselves. Your data is not exposed, revealed, or shared in any way when posting IP. Cryptography keeps your IP 100% secret.


Total control over IP

The user can decide when, or if ever, to reveal the data linked to the cryptographic fingerprints. Full control and ownership of IP.


Proofivy's IP lock uses cryptograhpy to provide a seemingly impossible service. Companies can lock in IP with 100% certainty, while the IP stays 100% secret. Companies using IP lock will have a clear advantage in legal disputes. IP lock is a risk free service that provides major benefits and peace of mind.

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